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Highland Games July 16, 2011

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We gathered the Clan and headed up on the mountain for the 55th Grandfather Mountain Highland Games.  The girls were excited to wear their tye dye shirts they had made at the Children’s Playhouse.  I have found that it is easier to keep them in my radar when they are wearing similar colors.  We shuttled up to the mountain and the girls enjoyed riding in the Bus (I think mainly because they didn’t have to buckle up :).  After listening to some music and getting a slushie we listened to Orville Hicks tell a story.  Jody remembers his uncle telling him Jack Tales when he was in school.

We finally made it into the Meadow where the competitions and events were taking place.  Grandfather Mountain is a perfect place to host this Scottish Celebration as the clouds blew across the top of the mountain  It was neat to see the Sheaf Toss although the girls called it “throwing the sack” and the Caber Toss.  They also enjoyed the pole vaulting  and the bagpipe competition.  I think that Lydia was most excited about the sheep herding demonstration.

We decided to come off of the mountain and back to the house for dinner before the Celtic Rock Concert.  I packed our light up suckers and some glow sticks and were off to dance the night away to bagpipes, drums, guitars, fiddles,  and even a digeridoo….  It was a great ending to an adventurous day in the land of bagpipes and kilts!  We plan to go back next year and camp for all 4 days so we can party with the pipers!


Cowgirl Camp May 30, 2011

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With very little planning, we met Grammy half way and camped at Panther Creek State Park in TN.  Laini named our site the “Cowgirl Camp” due to all of the feminine energy that met up there.  The weather was perfect–cool sleeping nights and warm, but not melting days for our 3 day stay.  We enjoyed our fire and food fixins both nights.  Even Lilah’s baby dolls had their own “bonfire” rings and fun times at camp.  Laini found her first ever salamander and she was so proud of herself.  I practiced on tying some knots  and hung a rope in a tree for the gals to be acrobats.  We even got to see my baby brother Hawk on our way out of town and the girls were supper excited to visit with Uncle “Hotdog” (Laini’s nickname for him).  We have our bags  (and tent) packed and ready to put in our car Blondie the Adventure Wagon for the next occasion that comes 🙂


Laini’s Extended Celebration May 6, 2011

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We continued the birthday trip up to KY where we played in the water some more, skated at the park with friends, rode Lydia’s new bike, gots lots of play time the the Bullies, went to the comic book store with Uncle Cole, ate birthday cupcakes with Nana and Papaw, put on Tatoo’s with Papaw, got some new books, planted flowers with Grammy and much more.


Traveling to “Tropical Paradise” February 4, 2011

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In January the gals and I got in Blondie and headed to KY to surprise Grammy for her birthday.  No one “spilled the beans” to Grammy during our 6 hr drive and she was completely shocked when we walked in the door to eat dinner at Nana’s.  I don’t think we will be able to surprise her like that again because she will be more suspicious now 🙂  The weather was snowy in KY and NC so our visit was extended and we got to spend lots of time with the family..The girls favorite thing to do was swim at Grammy’s ” Tropical Paradise” pool and hot tub.  Being inside at  the pool and watching it snow through all of the glass windows made it feel like we were inside of a snow globe.  The girls are all becoming quite the swimmers and we even got to take Nana and Papaw for some splashy fun. 

One of my favorite parts of  homeschooling  is being able to travel when we want 🙂


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