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Picnic Splashing June 2, 2011

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This was a day filled with splashing and laughing 🙂  We went with Jody as he helped to prepare for an Antique Engine Show just over the TN line.  To give him some time to tinker, us gals went to a nearby picnic area  to check it out.  It had a perfect stream flowing through for catching critters and splashing in the water.  The girls spent a lot of time at first catching minnows, salamanders, a looking at other people’s catches of crawdads.  Lydia is getting really good at catching salamanders but she will run from a crawdad as they are swimming backwards from her 🙂  She hasn’t got the nerve to risk a pinch from their claws to capture one for her prize yet.  Laini found a perfect rock into the creek to sit on to keep her dry but close to the action.  Lilah prides herself on being the keeper of the container of goods that Lydia finds and to be the one to display the find to others who might want to see.  It was important to the girls to get all of the river dwellers back into their home safely after checking them out.

When they had filled their sand buckets with todays miniature catches and then released them, they turned the area  into a splash park!  The girls took their sand/critter buckets and used them to scoop water to drench each other.   They splashed in the stream and poured water on each other from up on the little walking bridge.  My girlies laughed, and giggled, and squealed.  When moving from one water hole to the next, Lydia spotted a large Dragon Fly on tree but I did not see it until she pointed it out to me, it was very camouflaged.   When all were tuckered out, we got into a dry change of clothes and headed back to get Daddy and a snack!


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