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Fishing June 1, 2011

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My nature chicks have been asking to go fishing for a long time…..Soooo….we stopped at the store and Daddy bought 3 poles.  He still had his tackle box from way-back-when complete with antique lures and bait so we were ready now!  We drove our adventure Wagon up the the Parkway bound for Price Lake.  The first thing we found when looking for a fishing spot was 2 snakes sun bathing on a log.  We decided to share the spot with the snakes and put together our poles.  The fishergirls were so excited to cast!  Lydia was the first to catch a tiny fish and everyone was delighted.   Lydia bated, cast, and removed-released her own fish; her sisters needed a little help with their poles….After some fishing time Lilah and Laini had to run around a bit, but Lydia never left her site.

The days catch totals were:   Lydia* 3       Jody* 2     Lilah’s baby doll* 1-40 footer with her stick pole 🙂

As an added bonus, we even got to go to the Park Rangers program on Bats!

The girls have their poles and are ready to cast again…..


One Response to “Fishing”

  1. Becky Ann Says:

    Kudos to the girls! We went fishing on Monday and I only caught ONE. No one else got one either. Taylor helped reel mine in, but she got bored with fishing pretty fast since the fish were only nibbling, not chomping down. Even though it was in the 90’s, I think she enjoyed her first time fishing.

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