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Dandelion May 5, 2011

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When we returned home from Laini’s birthday trip, we were greeted by a yard of yellow.   Our lawn mower is awaiting some parts for its spring tune up so the yard had not been mown and the Dandelions are thriving!  A lot of people put great time and money to remove these bits of yellow from their yard, but I have to say (despite the approval of the neighbors) I will be a little sad to see the grass cut and the sea of yellow gone.  After all a weed is just a plant out-of-place and I welcome and enjoy the bouquets of Dandelions the girls pick for me.  Dandelions can be used as a food source, a coffee replacement, and used to make vegetable dyes as well as a flower arrangement.  Enjoy the small and unexpected pleasures in LIFE.


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