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Warm Weather Fun March 28, 2011

Filed under: Adventure,Family — freeflowinglife @ 4:51 pm

We have been enjoying the warm weather.  Up dating our painting supplies was a hight priority so we went to Michaels and we all picked out large containers of paint.  I was glad to coral the paint out to the porch and the girls were excited to create.  They all have thier own styles and it was my job to get their supplies.  We used and egg carton for Lilah and Laini’s painting so they could mix… alot…..Lydia got her own fruit cup paint containers because she gets stressed at her sisters colorful mixing.  Previously I had cut out 6 cups sections of the egg carton to hold paint for each of them.  However this time I left the hole thing in tact and it has proved to be a good storage thing because the paint does not dry out when the lid is shut. 

We have also enjoyed playing at the park.  The girls finally got the chance to try out the skateboard they got for Christmas.  I had took video’s of Lydia practicing, but they seem to have got lost on the trasfer from the camera to the computer.  Which reminds me, my cell phone has lost some of its memory and it doen’t “see” my pictures.  So until I can get another one, I have to remeber to take my camera and my phone with me…..

The girls love climbing trees, you can see Lilah *monkey* way at the top. 

We have also been playing dress up and dancing/performing, having picnics, hooping and hiking—just to name a few more adventures…


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